Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Legend of Kota Gelanggi Cave

This limestone used to known as Kota Jin. Not to be confused with the lost city of Kota Gelanggi in Johor, Kota Gelanggi in Pahang is a 245 million-year-old cave complex alive with unique flora, fauna and magnificent rock formations. From the several hundred caverns, few are accessible and frequented. As with most ancient spots, Kota Gelanggi Cave is also shrouded in fascinating legends. The word Kota means city and the peculiar feature of this intricate network of caves reveals the impression of an old city.

Legend has it that these caves were actually the ruins of an ancient city belonging to forest elves (Bunian), which were turned into stones together with their belongings. An old man of the house can be seen here sitting on his chair by his oven or furnace with loaves of bread and his cupboard filled with flour and sugar, all turned to stone.
Some believe Kota Gelanggi was a hiding place for Puteri or Princess Bera and Putera or Prince Jelai. When parents from both sides, particularly Putera Jelai’s father - Maharaja Perba Jelai - opposed of their plan, the couple decided to elope, which resulted in a civil war in Inderapura (City of Demigods), an ancient kingdom of Pahang. Others believe the word Gelanggi is a variant of the Indian empire Kalingga that rules Kedah in the early days.

Still, each limestone cavern has its own captivating tales to tell. Gua Sanding, for example, offers physical proof for its name. Sanding is a Malay word describing a bride and groom sitting on the dais and at the cave’s mouth, there are two figure-like stones sitting next to each other. Gua Terang Bulan (Moonlight Cave) is one of the most renowned caves in the region. At the very end of this cave, even in total darkness, looking up, visitors will be able to a stream of light.
Kota Gelanggi Cave offers a spellbinding and exciting adventure experience. Reputed to be one of the best tropical limestone caverns in the region, visitors from all around come here to witness the cavern’s natural wonders and experience the awe of the stalagmites and stalactites as well as the spectacular rock formations.


Don Balon said...

cuba check blog sejarahnagarkedah.blogspot.com, ada sebut pasal kota klangkeo kepunyaan Siam..
kota gelanggi la tu..
koi rasa takde di johornya..memang yang kita dah..
aok tengok dkt pintu masuk PPTR Sg Tekam tu kan ada sungai Siam..
sg tekam tu aseynya Tikam..
org melayu tikam siam kot...kuikui

Omen Necrofis said...

Sebenarnya bukit batu kapur ini mempunyai 3 puncak pada 3 bukit utama yang digelar sebagai Kota Jin, Kota Gelanggi dan Kota Angin. Mungkin ada sejarah yang mengaitkan Kota Gelanggi dengan penaklukan Siam, dan bukannya Kota Gelanggi di Johor seperti yang didakwa sebelum ini.